Marriage or Nah?, Episode 5, Black and Abroad

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage? Not necessarily! In this episode I build off of my last episode, (checkout episode 4 — Moving in with my boyfriend), and share the societal and even cultural norms that we live under in things like relationships and starting a family. When …

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I love you unconditionally.

Being with him, for, numerically what could be seen as a brief time, taught me how to love myself, and others, unconditionally. He was the catalyst, and after our time together came the realization that I had been going about love (of myself and others) all wrong. Before him, there were always conditions attached to how I …

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I’m Trying to be Strong.

I’m trying so hard. I want to be strong for you, and especially for myself. I want to detach, I don’t want to miss you or want you. I’m trying really hard to understand you and everything I need to understand and as much clarity as I'm getting is as much sorrow as it brings …

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